Why Sweep on a Regular Basis?

Street sweeping, highway sweeping, construction sweeping, parking lot sweeping, each prevent tons of dirt and debris from polluting local waterways and the air we breathe.  Even though much of the material removed from streets, parking areas, and construction sites may not be visible to the casual observer, without a regularly scheduled sweeping program in place, this dirt and debris combines with storm water run-off, polluting local waterways.  The dirt that does not wind up in a storm sewer may take the form of fugitive dust, compromising air quality.

Although environmental considerations are important to some of our customers, sweeping makes good business sense too.  Each year, fines are levied against businesses, municipalities, and contractors that fail to remove dirt and debris from streets, parking lots, and construction areas.  Regularly scheduled contract sweeping also removes abrasive dirt, sand, and other debris which significantly shortens the service life of pavement, striping, and seal coating. Clean municipal streets and parking areas also boost property values make lasting first impressions on customers.

Whether you need a regularly scheduled sweeping program to comply with local environmental regulations, extend the service life of paved roads and parking areas, or simply to create an atmosphere conducive to commerce, Prosweep can create a regularly scheduled sweeping program to meet your needs and budget.  To learn more about the benefits of regular sweeping services, or to request a quote, contact Prosweep for more information.


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