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ProSweep is proud to be a part of a flagship effort to advance training and safety in the power sweeping industry through sweeper driver training. For over two years ProSweep has taken part in the development of all new revolutionary software that provides new drivers a fully immersive driver training simulation. The sweeper simulator is designed to handle like a real sweeping truck, while offering an immersive virtual driving encounter. The simulator features include a steering wheel, broom switch, accelerator and brake pedals, and a 3 monitor setup to offer a full range of peripheral view.

The sweeper simulator takes place in a virtual parking lot setting with a full range of obstacles including parking lot light poles, curbs, and even vehicle traffic. As the sweeper drivers navigate the parking lot their progress is monitored for the most effective path used, debris not collected, and even if they strike an obstacle which results in an instant fail. At the end of each training session a report is generated which includes sweeper driver metrics such as: corners missed, number of times the brakes were applied, total time spent sweeping the parking lot, excessive speed, and sweepable debris left behind in the parking lot. New sweeper drivers will be able to safely and effectively train and hone their sweeping skills in the virtual environment.

At the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) Michigan 2017 Trade Show, Progressive Sweeping brought the entire simulator to the show floor. Attendees of IREM 2017 were able to test drive the simulator itself and get a feel for what it is like to safely and effectively sweep a parking lot operating a sweeping truck.

The sweeper simulator will further advance ProSweep’s commitment to safe, and effective power sweeping throughout the greater Detroit, Michigan and Toledo, Ohio metro areas, raising the bar for state of the art training and safety initiatives.