Street Sweeping and Highway Sweeping for Ohio and Michigan

Warehouse Sweeping

Progressive Sweeping offers warehouse sweeping for Detroit, Michigan and Toledo, Ohio areas. Workplace safety and employee morale is directly affected by interior floor cleanliness. A well maintained “lived in” work environment is a necessary ingredient in the achievement of a healthy, productive and profitable facility. Regular sweeping will help Employees display personal pride and care of their environment, reflecting your concern. We offer warehouse sweeping in southern Michigan, northwest Ohio, and northeast Indiana.

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Warehouse Sweeping for Ohio, Michigan, Indiana

Maintaining interior floor cleanliness with the proven experts
at Progressive Sweeping makes good sense from the curbline to the bottom line.

Consider the advantages of Pro Sweep's full-service contract sweeping.

We provide:

  • A detailed initial cost survey and proposal covering the scope of service and tailored to your facility.
  • The right equipment for the job. We use large riding sweepers and scrubbers that can sweep and scrub simultaneously leaving a clean dry surface. We offer a full range service including removing heavy build-ups, maintaining high traffic areas and construction clean-up.
  • Elimination of capital outlays for equipment purchase and maintenance.
  • Cleaner, safer floors at lower costs.
  • A customized, flexible schedule considering your hours of operation. 24 hours per day/7 days per week.
  • Reliable response to your unscheduled special needs. Our equipment is radio dispatched and our phones are answered 24 hours per day/7 days per week.
  • Rental of warehouse sweepers and scrubbers can be arranged without an operator by the day, week or month.


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