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Commercial Sweeping Contractors
Serving Northwest Ohio • Michigan • Eastern Indiana
Locally Owned Since 1978

Milling / Conditioning / Paving Sweeping

Reasons to Work with ProSweep:

Our incredible attention to details and old-fashioned hustle makes a preferred partner to work with with milling, conditioning, and paving crews. We are skilled at helping contractors optimize your crew’s production time.

Why Sweep on a Regular Basis?

Regularly scheduled, coordinated sweeping is a requirement to help ensures all loose materials are removed so roadways are free of debris and traffic can safely resume in a timely manner or the next phase of the project can proceed on schedule.

24/7 Emergency Sweeping Service

Progressive Sweeping Contractors is ALWAYS available to help your jobsite be compliant with local inspector’s requirements. Our 35+ sweeper trucks are ready to help with any emergency sweeping needs!

Milling / Conditioning / Paving Sweeping

Progressive Sweeping Contractors, Inc. provides milling, road surface conditioning, and paving sweeping services throughout Northwest Ohio, Southeast Michigan, and Eastern Indiana.

As a road construction contractor, it is vital that you stay on schedule for all phases of your job and complete the project within the exact specifications and timeline. In the competitive construction business, time is money and you need a sweeping contractor you can count on.

ProSweep’s highly experienced sweeper operators excel at helping milling, conditioning, and paving crews to optimize your project’s time management restrictions. We are focused on both the efficiency and thoroughness of our sweeping service while keeping up with your crews during every portion of your project. Our drivers – because of their training and years of experience on the job – can quickly adjust equipment to meet your specific requirements. This ensures that all loose materials are removed so the roadways are free of debris and traffic can safely resume in a timely manner.

Some of the Most Extensive Training in our Industry

ProSweep operators are professionally trained and have extensive experience in milling, conditioning and paving applications. In addition to staying in constant communication with flaggers, job superintendents, onsite personnel, and police, our drivers can manage the high volumes of heavy material that results from milling and conditioning as well as the fine material needing cleaned from the road surface prior to paving.

ProSweep has a wide variety of truck mounted sweepers in our fleet and we match the right equipment to your job. Our high dump broom sweepers require less travel time so we are able to sweep more area in less time. Our sweepers can keep up with even the most demanding milling operations and unload collected asphalt, gravel, and debris into any size dump truck, boosting your efficiency. Our vacuum sweepers improve the productivity and integrity of paving operations by sweeping fine dust particles, and even surface water, ahead of tack being applied prior to paving.

The “Rush Factor” and Coordinated Sweeping for Mill & Fill Operations.

To minimize lane closures and traffic disruptions, nighttime mill and fill operations must adhere to a very strict timetable. Maintaining communication between your crew and the subcontractor performing the sweeping, during and after milling, can alleviate pressure and potentially hazardous conditions. Unlike most sweeping situations, hazards are exacerbated in milling because there are additional personnel and re-paving equipment working in the immediate area where sweeping is ongoing. For that reason, only ProSweep’s most experienced and skilled sweeper operators are sent to operate sweepers on mill and fill projects.

Your goal is our goal – to have safe, debris-free roads that quickly clear inspection. We understand the complexities of sweeping during milling and repaving operations, and you can expect safe, reliable service for both your crew and the motorists with whom we share the road.

Trust ProSweep to create a service plan that suits your paving schedule and budget.

Have an Emergency Requirement to Sweep your Repaving Site?

Although we work closely with with milling, conditioning, and paving contractors to provide scheduled, regular sweeping, we also understand that unexpected situations, accidents, and last minute schedule changes can occur. An unannounced or unplanned visit from the city or a state EPA-enforcement officer can shut down a work site, requiring you to provide an immediate cleanup before work is allowed to continue.

ProSweep operators are on standby with on-call availability to provide emergency sweeping solutions to meet your specific needs. Our sweeping services are available 24/7.

Call us or send in a request to learn more about our Street and Highway Sweeping services!

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Enhance your business environment with the proven experts.

Makes Good Sense—Curb Line to Bottom Line®

Consider the advantages of ProSweep’s full-service contract sweeping.

We Provide:

A detailed and tailored initial cost survey and proposal covering the scope of service
Experienced driver/operators who understand the complexities of milling, conditioning and paving operations
Elimination of capital outlays for equipment purchase and maintenance
Roadways that are cleared more quickly for traffic flow
A customized, flexible schedule 24/7 days a week
Equipment that matches the sweeping requirements and debris levels specific to your job
Reliable response to your unscheduled special needs and emergencies
About us: Since 1978, Progressive Sweeping Contractors, Inc. has offered a comprehensive range of sweeping services and other maintenance programs including parking lot sweeping, warehouse sweeping, construction sweeping, street sweeping, highway sweeping, catch basin cleaning, fugitive dust control, and more. We have two complete service facilities located in Detroit, Michigan and Toledo, Ohio. We provide our services in the Northwest Ohio, Southeast Michigan, and Eastern Indiana areas.

Commercial Sweeping Contractors

Makes Good Sense—Curb Line to Bottom Line®

We are your professional and reliable street and highway cleaner company.

ProSweep is proud to be part of
1-800-SWEEPER an exclusive nationwide service network of quality-driven independently owned power sweeping companies.

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ProSweep is proud to utilize Eagle Eye Tracking Software, a web based, mobile friendly business enterprise system that integrates job and route scheduling, billing and numerous business reporting processes into a single operating platform.