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Power Sweeping Services’ Cost & Pricing

You may be wondering how much parking lot cleaning services cost?  To answer that question, one must consider the many factors that have an impact on the cost of having your parking lot or construction site cleaned by a professional power sweeping company.  

The following variables will affect the price of employing professional power sweeping services:

  • Your geographic location
  • The size of your parking lot or construction site
  • Parking lot/construction site layout
  • It’s current condition
  • Ability to dump on site
  • Will trash cans need to be emptied?
  • Sidewalks need to be cleaned?
  • The amount and type of trash that accumulates between cleanings
  • Will the lot require a spring clean up?
  • Length of service contract

One should also keep in mind that the cost of services for a construction site are based on an hourly rate and dependent on the type of truck needed to complete the job.

You usually get what you pay for, so be sure to know what kind of services you need and what kind of services you are getting before signing on the dotted line.  Contact us at Progressive Sweeping, and be confident you will receive the best value. Makes Good Sense—Curb Line to Bottom Line®