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Power/Street Sweeping Services’ Cost & Pricing


You may be asking how much parking lot cleaning or street sweeping services cost?  To answer that question, one must consider the many factors that have an impact on the cost of having your parking lot, municipal streets or construction site cleaned by a professional power sweeping service company.


How do you determine the cost of  power/street sweeping services, and what variables will affect the pricing?

    • Your geographic location
    • The size of your parking lot, construction site or the miles of curb needing swept
    • The frequency of service required
    • The layout for parking lot & construction site sweeping
    • The pavement’s current condition
    • Ability to dump/dispose of debris on-site
    • Are there trash cans that need to be emptied?
    • Sidewalks, corners, perimeter grass areas or islands need to be cleaned?
    • The quantity and type of debris that accumulates between cleanings
    • Type and quantity of tenant or motoring public traffic
    • Type of tenant mix for retail parking lots and downtown municipal streets.
    • Type of vegetation or tree growth adjoining or surrounding the paved areas
    • Will a spring and/or fall cleanup be required?
    • Length of service contract
    • Is the service routinely scheduled or on demand?

    One should also keep in mind that the cost of services for a construction sweeping is generally based on an hourly rate and which is dependent on the type of machine needed to complete the job, meet requirements and satisfy expectations.

    You usually get what you pay for, so be sure to know what level of service you need and what kind of service you are requesting before signing on the dotted line.  Contact us at Progressive Sweeping and be confident you will get the proper guidance for receiving the best value.


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