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ProSweep Purchases Impact Attenuators

May 2nd, 2017

Progressive Sweeping Fleet

In an effort to deliver the safest and most effective high quality professional highway sweeping services, to protect employees and the motoring public, ProSweep has taken safety to a new level by acquiring two Scorpion truck mounted attenuators (TMAs) to shadow sweepers in high traffic areas. The two new attenuators are in use to create a safe work zone for highway sweeping crews on Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) highways. .

In recent years a variety of case studies have been conducted nationwide regarding the use of TMAs. The Michigan Department of Transportation recommends; “TMAs should be used for projects on freeways and multilane roadways (four or more lanes) with operating speeds of 45 mph or greater, where exposed personnel and/or equipment occupies a lane customarily used by traffic. “ These impact attenuators help reduce damage and personal injury from vehicular impacts, potentially saving lives.

The first line of defense is increased visibility and awareness to inform the motoring public that there is a highway maintenance crew ahead. The truck mounted attenuators are illuminated, featuring driver controlled directional arrows to alert and assist oncoming traffic to safely navigate the sweeping trucks presence on the highway.The application and use of TMAs in ProSweep’s highway sweeping operations increase the visibility and safety of the sweeping convoy while in operation on highways.

The second line of defense is to minimize personal injuries in the event of a crash. TMAs play a critical role in ProSweep’s standard safety procedures in highway sweeping operations by providing a mobile crash structure that can safely absorb the kinetic energy of impact, should a vehicle strike the unit at high speeds. The structure is intended to crumple, slowing the impact and cushioning the blow. By working safer ProSweep continues to deliver value to the motoring public, employees and state highway transportation departments alike.

To read the State of Michigan recommendation for Truck Mounted Impact Attenuators please visit: and

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Sweeper Sim At PropertyCon 2017

April 12th, 2017

Sweeper Driver Sim at PropertyCon 2017

ProSweep is proud to be a part of a flagship effort to advance training and safety in the power sweeping industry through sweeper driver training. For over two years ProSweep has taken part in the development of all new revolutionary software that provides new drivers a fully immersive driver training simulation. The sweeper simulator is designed to handle like a real sweeping truck, while offering an immersive virtual driving encounter. The simulator features include a steering wheel, broom switch, accelerator and brake pedals, and a 3 monitor setup to offer a full range of peripheral view.

The sweeper simulator takes place in a virtual parking lot setting with a full range of obstacles including parking lot light poles, curbs, and even vehicle traffic. As the sweeper drivers navigate the parking lot their progress is monitored for the most effective path used, debris not collected, and even if they strike an obstacle which results in an instant fail. At the end of each training session a report is generated which includes sweeper driver metrics such as: corners missed, number of times the brakes were applied, total time spent sweeping the parking lot, excessive speed, and sweepable debris left behind in the parking lot. New sweeper drivers will be able to safely and effectively train and hone their sweeping skills in the virtual environment.

At PropertyCon 2017 in Michigan Progressive Sweeping brought the entire simulator to the show floor. Attendees of PropertyCon 2017 were able to test drive the simulator itself and get a feel for what it is like to safely and effectively sweep a parking lot operating a sweeping truck.

The sweeper simulator will further advance ProSweep’s commitment to safe, and effective power sweeping throughout the greater Detroit, Michigan and Toledo, Ohio metro areas, raising the bar for state of the art training and safety initiatives.

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Celebrating 1 Year Accident Free

April 5th, 2016

Safety – Quality – Productivity is ProSweep’s internal company slogan.

With employee safety being our #1 priority, Progressive Sweeping takes work place and job site safety extremely seriously. For over 20 years, ProSweep has successfully implemented a Safety Awareness Plan. This safety program has served to raise companywide awareness of work place hazards, reduce employee injuries, and prevent job site accidents. The plan ensures employees receive direct, concrete rewards for their careful observance of proper safety procedures and awareness. ProSweep is proud to announce that 2015 as one year of injury free work, four quarters in a row! The generous recognition award received by every employee was up to $100.00. By being dedicated to work place safety ProSweep better manages company costs, improves job site performance, and reduces employee turnover, while protecting our customer’s property. Most important of all though, ProSweep once again displays its commitment to the safety and health of its valued employees. ProSweep makes educational use of extensive OSHA studies which have shown that safe work places are more effective ones, with workers better able to focus on their tasks such as parking lot sweeping, street sweeping and warehouse sweeping. This also allows us to pass the savings on to our customers and qualifies ProSweep as a premier sweeping contractor for safety sensitive industrial and construction clients.

When safety is first, everyone wins! Safety – Quality – Productivity

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Michigan Construction & Design Tradeshow 2016

December 29th, 2015

Progressive Sweeping will be attending the 2016 Michigan Construction & Design Tradeshow at the Motor City Casino Hotel in Detroit on February 3rd. This exciting annual Tradeshow is hosted by CAM, and is a one-day construction industry specific event for owners, contractors, architects, engineers, suppliers, and more. The Tradeshow is unrivaled in Michigan by any other construction tradeshow event, and is hailed as the best construction show to attend of the year by many.

This show also includes the Construction Association of Michigan 130th annual meeting, various educational workshops host by CAMTech, the CAM Magazine Special Issue Awards, and the 2015 Construction Project of the year. This year Progressive Sweeping employees will be present to meet customers in person, and discuss power sweeping solutions for their business and construction needs. During the tradeshow Progressive Sweeping can be found at booth 205.

To better encourage attendance from the Industry, a limited number of free tickets are being provided by the Tradeshow to company’s hosting a booth. All through December and January Progressive Sweeping will be mailing out FREE admission to existing customers. These free tickets will be included in the monthly billings.

For further information and the schedule for the 2016 Michigan Construction & Design Tradeshow please visit:
For a Tradeshow floor layout please visit:

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2015 Facilities Expo – Toledo, Ohio

February 16th, 2015

2015 Facilities Expo, Toledo Ohio

ProSweep will be hosting a booth at the upcoming 2015 Facilities Expo on March 25th. The 2015 Facilities Expo will be returning to the Stranaham Great Hall in Toledo, Ohio. This one-day tradeshow will be heavily attended by Facilities Managers, Maintenance Technicians, Property Managers, Engineers, and members of FHEA. Show hours are 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. With a social networking hour and cash bar being hosted from 4pm to 5pm. Click here to register for FREE to attend! Come out and meet ProSweep staff to talk about projects, or simply say hello!

Visit us at Booth #7!

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Michigan Construction & Design Tradeshow 2015 – FREE TICKET GIVE AWAY!

January 7th, 2015

Prosweep will be hosting a booth at the upcoming Michigan Construction & Design Tradeshow on Feb 4th, 2015. We want to see you there, and are giving away FREE TICKETS to this show! Click here for your free ticket! This year Michigan Construction & Design Tradeshow will be returning to MotorCity Casino Hotel in Detroit. This one-day tradeshow will be heavily attended by construction owners, contractors, suppliers, architects and engineers. Show hours are 9:00 am to 4:30 pm. Come out and meet with Prosweep and Orbital Transport staff to talk about projects, or simply say hello!

Visit us at Booth #205! Click here to see the floor plan!

The Michigan Construction & Design Tradeshow will also play host to the CAM 129th Annual Meeting, CAM Magazine Special Issue Awards, and Construction Project of the Year Award, which will be held inside the Sound Board. CAMTEC, the training and education division of CAM, will also offer classes during the tradeshow.

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