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Commercial Sweeping Contractors
Serving Northwest Ohio • Michigan • Eastern Indiana
Locally Owned Since 1978


Delivering modern day equipment & technology combined with old fashioned hustle!

Municipalities & Government


Progressive Sweeping provides a comprehensive range of highway, paved roadway and street sweeping services for municipalities, cities, counties, and state agencies throughout Northwest Ohio, Southeast Michigan, and Eastern Indiana.

Our dependable and cost-effective street and highway sweeping services are protecting the environment and your community’s resources, promoting community growth and civic pride, while keeping your community in compliance with local, state, and federal environmental regulations.

Residential & HOA


Progressive Sweeping provides dependable residential private community road cleaning and street sweeping services throughout Northwest Ohio, Southeast Michigan, and Eastern Indiana.  Our street cleaning services promote civic pride and growth, provide clean and safer streets, extend the life span of asphalt roads, reduce clogged drains and sewers, while improving both water and air quality.

You can trust that our certified, highly trained, and experienced sweeper operators know how to get the job done for your community as efficiently as possible, saving you time and money.  Progressive Sweeping brings the right equipment and the right people for any job – anywhere, anytime, 24/7.


Commercial & Retail


Progressive Sweeping provides customizable, cost effective commercial and retail parking lot sweeping services throughout Northwest Ohio, Southeast Michigan, and Eastern Indiana, 24/7.  Parking lot cleaning and the maintenance of your property’s visual appeal to customers, employees, and potential tenants, is essential to attract quality retail tenants and their customers.

Not only will a consistent, professional commercial parking lot sweeping maintenance program improve your image, it will extend the life span of your parking lots and exterior areas.  It also helps your commercial center to be environmentally compliant with local regulations.



Construction & Milling


Progressive Sweeping provides construction site sweeping services as well as paving, milling and road surface conditioning sweeping services throughout Northwest Ohio, Southeast Michigan, and Eastern Indiana, 24/7.  Our highly experienced sweeper operators excel at helping construction, milling, conditioning, and paving crews to optimize your project’s time management restrictions, keeping your contractors and subs productive and safe, rather than cleaning up around your construction or job site.

We also have extensive knowledge of the environmental issues surrounding dust mitigation and storm water run-off associated with construction sites.  Our construction site sweeping services will help to keep you in compliance with environmental regulations, ultimately saving you time and money.


Industrial & Manufacturing


Progressive Sweeping provides power sweeping services for industrial and manufacturing sites throughout Northwest Ohio, Southeast Michigan, and Eastern Indiana.  Due to the activity around refineries, manufacturing facilities, shipping docks, transfer stations, airports, and landfills, contaminates including dust, dirt, and hazardous chemicals can quickly end up in the environment. Continual debris can result in sustained damage to your industrial and manufacturing machinery, pavement, and property.  The millions of pounds of dust, debris, and sediment around your facility must be professionally and thoroughly removed.

We will skillfully match the best choice of power broom / vacuum sweeping equipment to ensure we remove potentially hazardous chemicals and contaminants from your property, thereby keeping your company compliant.  Rely on our 24/7, on-call availability to provide a flexible sweeping solution to meet your specific needs, schedule, and budget.



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Makes Good Sense—Curb Line to Bottom Line®

We’re more than just a sweeping contractor. ProSweep is an entire company of professionals providing sweeping management, efficiency, and cost effectiveness while maintaining the highest standards of performance, safety, and environmental responsibility in every aspect of our business.


Commercial Sweeping Contractors

Makes Good Sense—Curb Line to Bottom Line®

We are your professional and reliable street and highway cleaner company.

ProSweep is proud to be part of
1-800-SWEEPER an exclusive nationwide service network of quality-driven independently owned power sweeping companies.

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ProSweep is proud to utilize Eagle Eye Tracking Software, a web based, mobile friendly business enterprise system that integrates job and route scheduling, billing and numerous business reporting processes into a single operating platform.